Abalone Skies—Daybreak At Shi Shi Beach

November 2023

Brian Mahieu

Abalone Skies—Daybreak At Shi Shi Beach
August 17, 2023 6:01 am
Olympic Coast series, number twenty
Shi Shi Beach
oil on canvas
30 X 48 inches

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Abalone Skies—Daybreak At Shi Shi Beach

“I am thrilled with this scene of a gorgeous August morning at Shi Shi Beach, I took great delight in the ebullient, Impressionist palette. A heavy fog was lifting from the ocean and sea stacks revealing the pastel colors of sunrise overhead, and reflecting in the wet, low tide beach giving a sense of weightlessness to the scene. This effect lasted only a few minutes as a heavy marine layer descended and the sky became solid grey. The painting started with a coral pink imprimatura, then an intense underpainting with blocks of color and finally the more misty colors applied on top with the high chroma hues showing through.”

Close-ups Showing Detail and Texture

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