Morning Light—Olympic Coast

September 2022

Brian Mahieu

Morning Light—Olympic Coast
Olympic Coast Series, number three
North of the Ozette river, low tide
Oil on canvas
12 X 16 X 1.5 inches
Private collection

This ebullient painting resulted from my eye catching that puddle of yellow light on the beach as the morning sky exploded overhead.

Backpacking between Lake Ozette and Shi Shi Beach on a beautiful summer morning, I looked back and saw a lone yellow puddle of light on the beach with this magnificent sky exploding over head. “That’s a painting!” I exclaimed.  I love the sense of deep space in this painting with the distant sea stacks emerging from the mists, rocks covered with bladder wrack and sea lettuce in the foreground and the vault of the sky overhead. I used at least ten blue pigments in this painting, large brushes, lots of painting medium and gestural brushwork  to evoke the dynamism and beauty of the coast merging land, sky and sea.

Close-ups Showing Detail and Texture

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