Opalescent Skies—Tidepooling

September 2023

Brian Mahieu

Opalescent Skies—Tidepooling
Olympic Coast series, number eight
Point of The Arches, Olympic National Park
Oil on canvas
48 X 36 X 1.5 inches
Private Collection

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Last August, while hiking in and among the tidepools at Point of the Arches there was a golden moment when the sunlight streamed across the ocean and illuminated everything with a fiery glow. The effect lasted only minutes and it transported me. I was thrilled by the depth of space, jewel-like colors and rich textures. Looking down into a glassy tidal pool with pink seaweeds, bladder wrack and jade green anemones,  then gazing across the massive boulders dripping with seaweeds in shades of pink, brown, purple and chartreuse. And over all, amber-toned bladder wrack—each bladder glowing like a lantern. Glossy meadows of anemones carpeted the flanks of the rocks. Traveling into the distance, the eyes took in towering sea stacks, some eroded into arches, and in the far distance stacks glowing with sunset tones and dissolving into the opalescent sky that vaulted overhead.

Hike: August 2022, Painting 2022/3

Close-ups Showing Detail and Texture

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