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I believe Brian Mahieu is now the finest landscape painter in Missouri, sensitive, energetic and prolific. One of the best painters working in the country at the present time.Frank Stack
Professor Emeritus of Painting at the University of Missouri

Brian Mahieu is a plein air landscape painter who has devoted most of his artistic career to painting the Missouri River Valley focusing on the ever-changing light and atmospheric conditions the four seasons provide.

He is a superb tonalist who prefers to paint landscapes, at or just before dusk. Sometimes into complete darkness. Few landscape painters have mastered the twilight the way Brian Mahieu has. It sets him apart as an artist and it makes his work unique. When viewing his paintings you notice how  light-changes, however subtle, make his landscapes come alive and reveal its beauty as it settles in for the night.

Brian Mahieu has exhibited nationally including the cities of New York, Carmel and Santa Cruz. Brian's paintings are in public and private collections throughout the United States, Europe the United Kingdom and Australia, including the contemporary artist collection of the State Historical Society of Missouri. The largest public collection of Mahieu's work is at the World Aquarium in St Louis.

I want my art to be transparent, primal, and tactile, and above all honest to my experiences. I want it to reach out and elicit a visceral experience in the viewer. To do that it needs to be created in nature, not in a studio.Brian Mahieu


Don't miss the last chance to enjoy and own your very own painting from this acclaimed and much loved Missouri artist.

Brian is moving out of state and we are sending him off with a farewell exhibit like only Orr Street can do. Brian has been working and creating new and fabulous paintings of Winter and Spring scenes from the Missouri River Valley.

These never before seen pieces will be on exhibit from May 5th until June 25th, with the opening reception on the North Village Artist Districts First Friday, May 6th. 

Address: 106 Orr street, Columbia, Mi 65201
Phone: (573) 875-4370

More info: Orr Street Studios Exhibit Brian Mahieu


Mural Commission - World Aquarium St. Louis MO

World Aquarium St. Louis MO - Brian Mahieu, Mural Commission.
World Aquarium St. Louis MO - Brian Mahieu, Mural Commission.
Brian Mahieu has been commissioned by the World Aquarium organization to do a series of paintings that depict ecosystems from an impressionist standpoint.

Representing North American Habitats with a Mississippi River Focus, Amazonian Ecosystems and the Pacific Northwest Estuarine Environment as a series of Triptychs that are each 36 feet long and 12 feet tall. Read More and view progress on
World Aquarium St. Louis MO Mural project ...