Maple Glade—Vernal Stream

March 2023

Brian Mahieu

Maple Glade—Vernal Stream
Olympic Coast series, number ten
Quinault Rainforest, Olympic National Park
oil on canvas
36 X 36 X 1.5 inches

This painting is available for viewing and purchase through Rob Schouten Gallery and Sculpture Garden in Langley, Washington.

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Maple Glade—Vernal Stream


In the Quinault Rainforest is an otherworldly spot called Maple Glade. During the winter and spring a crystalline stream runs through it, which is carpeted with impossibly green marsh marigold plants. The forest is primordial and deep—softly crackling with the energy of ancient trees and a billion living things. I always expect some huge dinosaur to come lumbering through the forest at any moment. On this early February morning the moss-draped trees were still dripping rain as the canopy began to illuminate with an abalone shell mosaic of light.

Hike: February 2023, Painting February-March 2023

Close-ups Showing Detail and Texture

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