Moonset Among The Sea Stacks—Morning

December 2022

Brian Mahieu

Moonset Among The Sea Stacks—Morning
Olympic Coast Series, number seven
Point of the Arches, Shi Shi Beach
Oil on canvas
40 X 30 X 1.75 inches
Private collection

“One August morning while hiking south from the Point of the Arches, among the shadows of these ancient, metamorphic pillars we rounded a corner and this amazing scene unfolded. Immersed in this otherworldly landscape, I was suddenly looking out of the out of the cool, blue shadows of night into the golden light of a summer morning as pale, setting moon hung in the sky. This night/day dichotomy is expressed vertically in the sky and horizontally in space from foreground to background. A challenging satisfying balancing act to recreate. I am delighted with this painting and how it captures that contrast of warm and cool, shadow and light in this ancient and powerful place.”

Close-ups Showing Detail and Texture

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